Kids Scraper Boards At Witch’s Hill

What a wonderful art class we had at Witch’s Hill this morning.  All the kids tried their hand at making their very own scraper boards on which they invented their own under water seascape with some amazing results.  We had such fun as you can see from the pictures we took below.  It was messy, but the kids loved it and that is all that matters.

The first step was to use crayons to draw and colour their under water scene.  Next came the painting and the whole page was covered in black paint – (that is why your kids came home with black hands).  Once dried the scraping began to unveil the finished products.  We think they did a wonderful job.

Have a look at our galley of images taken during our kids art class below.

Don’t forget, our classes are from 11am – 12 noon every Saturday morning in Witch’s Hill.